Tucker Carlson Uses Opening Monologue To Skewer Liberals Who Won’t Celebrate Columbus Day

Most conservatives know that Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News is the one can’t miss show on television every single night. If you aren’t watching Tucker meticulously and brilliantly slice and dice every liberal argument each day then it’s hard to make the case  that you are living life to the fullest.

Monday was Columbus Day and we saw a staggering amount of liberals running around trying to pretend that we as Americans should somehow be embarrassed about Columbus.

That couldn’t be further from the truth and Tucker explained it perfectly.

There’s no way you can watch this and tell me it isn’t one of the greatest opening monologues you’ve ever seen on any show ever.

What is there to even say about that?

It’s mind-boggling how little the liberal left actually knows about Columbus Day.

You’ll be blown away by how wrong the left is on this issue just based on the facts.

Here’s a great post explaining the insanity.

Where does it end?

The left will never stop until they have scrubbed everything that hurts their feelings from the history books. And then what do we have? A generation of Americans who have no idea what we went through to get here?

Tucker is right when he says this isn’t about Columbus. It’s about the chip that liberals have on their shoulder about Western culture in general. If they can delegitimize the pieces of the puzzle that created America then they can make the argument we shouldn’t even be here. Once they make that argument then all bets are off in terms of changing our Constitution and ultimately changing society to fit their progressive agenda.

Very strange the left doesn’t realize we can see right through it.

Props to Tucker on another killer show.

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