The Founding Fathers of Fascism | Interview with Dinesh D’Souza

If you want to learn about the founding ideals of America, you should study the works and deeds of the founders. If you want to understand Christianity you should start with Christ and his Apostles. We are familiar with the names, beliefs, and ideological roots associated with these movements, but what about Fascism? Are we taught about Giovanni Gentile and his influence on Mussolini? Can we explain the goals of Georges Sorel? Do we understand the tactics laid out by Antonio Gramsci and Herbert Mancuse?

Who benefits from keeping these men and their ideas under wraps? This is the question asked by author, scholar, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza in his latest book, THE BIG LIE.

I sat down with Dinesh to discuss his excellent new book and ask the questions you won’t hear discussed in his other interviews.

My guest this week is Dinesh D’Souza, the author of THE BIG LIE

Dinesh and I discuss what these men believed, what they hoped to achieve, and their ideas still at work today in government policy, in speech codes (Gramsci described this as “forceful seduction”) and even in the recent NFL protests.

I closed by asking Dinesh a philosophical question about the spiritual undergirding of the nation’s political differences.  If there is, in fact, a BIG LIE, must there not also be a BIG LIAR.  Enjoy the interview.

This BIG LIE is a must read. IMO it is his best book to date.  You can (and should) purchase it here.

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