Obama Is Raking In $400K Per Speech From Wall Street

Obama, to his credit, has been able to convince millions of impressionable Americans that he cares about the little guy and opposes the things that are wrong with Washington.

In reality, the opposite is true.

Obama is as out of touch as they come and he has no problem cozying up to Wall Street and all the various insiders that run the swamp.

In fact, check out how much money he is currently taking from Wall Street.

Former President Obama is pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars giving speeches to Wall Street firms, according to a new report.

Obama made $400,000 for a speech he gave to clients of Northern Trust Corp. last month, Bloomberg reported Monday. He gave a speech to Carlyle Group LP last week and is scheduled to headline Cantor Fitzgerald LP’s healthcare conference next week.

It gets worse.

A spokesman for Obama defended the former president, saying he has given speeches “true to his values.”

True to his values? Yikes. That says a lot doesn’t it?

On one hand, it’s never good form to begrudge someone from getting money and being successful.  Good for him.

On the other hand, what a hypocrite.

This guy runs around talking about how the GOP is out of touch and in Wall Street’s pocket and then turns around and cashes in?

There’s definitely something wrong with that.

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