Democrats Blame NRA, GOP for Las Vegas Attack, But It Was the Obama Admin That Approved Bump Stocks

In the aftermath of Sunday’s deadly shooting during a country music concert in Las Vegas, Democrats are gearing up to blame the NRA and the Republican Party for the crime even though it was the Obama administration that approved the sale of the “bump stock” device on which liberals are blaming the carnage.

As Breitbart News noted this week, bump stocks are taking the brunt of criticism for the attack, but it was Obama’s ATF that approved the device.

The ATF approved the devices because they do not convert a semiautomatic rifle into an automatic. Rather, they are an accessory that allows semiautomatic rifle owners to mimic automatic fire for short bursts. According to the Washington Post, Rick Vasquez, the ATF official who signed off on non-regulation for bump stocks, described them as “a goofy, little doodad.” This squares with the Breitbart News report that bump stocks “are for novelty, not accuracy.” They are devices that allow bursts of rapid fire but are unpredictable because the gun’s buffer tube can bounce around or bobble inside the device, making jams and inconsistent fire patterns likely.

The plastic device, which is added to a semi-automatic rifle by replacing the original, fixed shoulder stock, uses the actual recoiling movement of the rifle to allow a shooter to fire each round is quick succession, but it does not actually change a semi-automatic rile into a “machine gun.”

Still, despite that the device doesn’t actually turn an AR-15-styled rifle into a fully automatic machine gun, the device does allow a user to fire the gun so quickly that it sounds like a machine gun to untrained ears.

In June of 2010 during the Obama regime, the ATF sent a letter to an applicant saying that the stock device was approved because it contained no moving parts.

According to CNSNews, the ATF’s June 2010 letter said: “The stock has no automatically functioning mechanical parts or springs and performs no automatic mechanical function when installed. In order to use the device, the shooter must apply constant forward pressure with the non-shooting hands and constant rearward pressure with the shooting hand. Accordingly, we find that the ‘bump stock’ is a firearm part and is not regulated as a firearm under the Gun Control Act or the National Firearms Act.”

But, despite the Obama administration’s part in the approval of bump stocks, liberals like Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) are aiming their own fire at banning the device and trying to blame the National Rifle Association and the GOP for the crime.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said on Tuesday that she intends to introduce legislation to close what she calls the “automatic weapon loophole,” and some Republicans have indicated they may be open to the idea of banning after-market devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to simulate automatic fire.

And today, it looks like some Republicans are ready to fall in line with the left to move against the device.

According to The Washington Post, the GOP is quietly signaling that it is open to legislating against bump stocks.

In the end, though, bump stocks are not capable of sustained fire and are prone to causing semi-automatic rifles to jam and break down. A bump stock is not a satisfactory tactical tool and is mostly just a novelty.

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